The ultimate

REACH ecosystem

Introducing MD Pro. The fully immersive REACH experience, supported by our team of experts.

Everything you need to REACH!

MD Pro is the ultimate ecosystem designed specifically to help you reach your community. Get the entire suite of Ministry Designs tools, and let us do the hard work for you.




Start things off strong with a website on the #1 ranked church website builder, Omega by Ministry Designs. Gain access to a cloud based library of thousands of pre-optimized and professionally designed page kits & blocks, built just for churches. Editing and managing your church's website has never been easier.




Don't want to do the hard work of building a new church website? Let us do the heavy lifting FOR YOU! Every MD Pro church gets a FREE 35 page content migration. That means we will take your content from your existing website, and migrate it to the Omega platform to fit whatever design kit that you choose. Get your website fast!




Optimizing your website is hard and tedious work. That's why we want to use our expertise to help you. After we migrate your content, our team of SEO experts will fully optimize your website's images and content. Then we will manage and built out your SEO strategy to guarantee a spot on the first page of Google or your money back!




Once your web traffic increases thanks to your new SEO strategy, you will need the proper tools to engage with your visitors. All MD Pro members will get access to BirdSeed Plus, allowing you to connect with visitors using our patented Instant Video Response tools, and more!




Save hours of time and energy designing and searching for sermon graphics and church media. With MD Pro, you get access to our entire premium media library of over 20,000 church event graphics, sermon series, motion backgrounds, social posts, and more!




Increased reach means more web traffic, and more web traffic means increased opportunity for online giving. All MD Pro members get free, unlimited accounts with MD Give. Save time and energy with an online giving platform that doubles as a church management system.


Our team of experts will rank your website on the 1st page of Google within one year or your money back!

Start with a Design Kit

Start your journey to the top of Google with a beautiful and modern design kit. Can't decide? With MD PRO you get access to all of our interchangeable designs, so you can change whenever!

Church Website Builder Kit 1

Kit 1 - The Classic Look

The original Omega design. Elegant, clean, and extremely effective for thousands of churches!

Church Website Builder Kit 2

Kit 2 - Clean & Flowing

This design flows from one section to the next wtih broad images and flowing transitions.

Church Website Builder Kit 3

Kit 3 - Modern & Minimalist

This design is beautiful in it's simplicity, following the minimalist trend in some church websites.

Church Website Builder Kit 4

Kit 4 - Bold & Blocky

This design is bold and striking with large imagery. Great for a church with good photography.

Church Website Builder Kit 5

Kit 5 - Modular Design

Following recent design trends, this modular design is an efficient way to display your content!

Church Website Builder Kit 6

Kit 6 - Smooth & Dynamic

The contrast of dark and light in this design adds a beautiful dynamic, with layers and color.

Church Website Builder Kit 7

Kit 7 - Built to Convert

With a clean design and very intentional structure, this kit is guarenteed to convert to visits.

Church Website Builder Kit 8

Kit 8 - Flashy & Unique

This design epitomizes a fun and energetic church, and lets face it, it just looks so cool.

Church Website Builder Kit 9

Kit 9 - Classic Made New

This design just carries a classic feel, but at the same time has modern design elements.

Why go Pro?

Here at Ministry Designs, our goal and daily drive is a simple one. To help every church reach as many souls for Jesus as we possibly can. Every tool, every feature, and every service that we provide was birthed from that original mission. Over the years we have built a tremendous suite of tools that help the church, and we realized that there was a potential to cultivate a church reach ecosystem, in which we could help churches build out a system that is tailor made to reach the lost online. So that is what we did, and that is what MD Pro is. Our hope is that through this new ecosystem of tools, people all over the world come to Jesus more than ever before.


Churches ranked on the first page of Google for the search term, "Church in My City".


Pages increased in Google ranking when launching a Ministry Designs website.


Increase in website engagement when an active BirdSeed engagement panel is active.


Hours of time saved when bundling website, engagement, and giving tools with MD PRO.

Is MD Pro for me?

Simply put, MD PRO is not for everybody. MD PRO is a complete ecosystem of tools with strategy behind it to help you reach people online. With that comes some stipulations with content and updates.

MD PRO Pricing


MD PRO | $247/mPLUS  | $97/mLITE | $57/m




Content Migration Included 

35 Pages20 Pages10 Pages

Unlimited Pages, Strogage & Bandwith


Audio & Video Sermons


Calender & Events


Fully Mobile Responsive


A.I. Optimized Design        


SSL Security




Sermon Notes




Foundation Page Design Kit




On Page SEO Tools                                                                                                                         




Unrestricted Edit Access 




Member Area 




Private User Community









Industry Low Processing 




Free Text Giving 




Fee Passing




Recurring Donations




Pledge Management


Mobile Giving


People Management 





1000+ Interchangable Designs 


Page Designs Kit Uploads


Annual Christmas Landing Page Uploads


Annual Easter Landing Page Uploads


Annual Mother's Day Landing Page Uploads


Annual Summer Event Landing Page Uploads


Sermon Series Landing Pages


Digital Bullitens




Pixel Perfect Content Migration


Image Optimization


Page Optimization



Next Steps Optimization


Load Speed Optimization


Search Engine Optimization




Series & Sermon Title Graphics



Series & Sermon Welcome Graphics




Series & Sermon Thank You Graphics




Series & Sermon Blanks




Series & Sermon Social Promotion




Door Hangers




Invite Cards




Bumper Videos




Countdown Vidoes




Canva & PSD Editable




Design Kit Matched Holiday Bundle






Plan a Visit




Live Chat




Church Online




Patented Videos Response




Proactive Messaging




Stories of Life Change




Live Video Prayer




Integration With 4000+ Apps







Page 1 or Your Money Back 




Cash Back Giving Rewards




Dedicated SEO Specilist




Dedicated Web Specilist