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When it comes to finding a world-class selection of church media, you will want to pick the one that offers complete customization.


This is where Church Edge comes into the equation as a viable option due to its graphics and complete customization. 

This article will take a look at what the company is all about.



* Lifetime Access - $497 


Pros For Using Church Edge


The first thing that stands out about this company would be the large collection of prebuilt designs. You are going to have minimal work to do when it is time to choose from these graphics.


Whether it is church letterheads or promotional graphics, there is something for everyone. The simplicity of the setup and how effective everything is, does matter.


You are going to enjoy being able to sift through the various options and pick the one that works for you.


2. Large Collection of Graphics


You will want to start with the basics when reviewing this company.

The collection is impressive, and there is an extensive list of graphics that will impress you immediately.


  • These include:
  • Promotional Graphics
  • Worship Media
  • Worship Backgrounds
  • Motion Graphics
  • Worship Motions Graphics
  • Church Letterheads
  • Book Covers
  • Web Graphics
  • Social Graphics
  • Bulletin Covers
  • And More


Take the time to go through the collection and see what works best for you. Then, you will never have to fret about the quality depreciating or running out of options.


They keep things up-to-date, and the interface is easy to use as you begin to find the right fit for your setup.


3. Complete Licensing


Licensing is integral. You will not want a situation where specific graphics are used and then end up with a copyright problem.


In this regard, Church Edge does an exceptional job of making sure everything is royalty-free and you will have full rights to anything that is used.


This goes a long way for those who are particular about licensing and don't want a legal issue on their hands later on. Go with this collection and feel in control of the process as you will have all of the rights needed to use the graphics.

4. Perfect Sizing


A common concern people have involves sizing.


You don't want a situation where the sizing is off, as that can be unpleasant to deal with at the best of times. With this company, everything in the collection will be perfectly sized for what it will be used for. This goes for social media graphics, letterheads, and everything else.


You will know the size is never going to be an issue and you can use it freely. This can save quite a bit of time when it comes to finding the right graphics for your setup.


5. Customizable


You are going to have the ability to personalize the graphics and this can be useful when it comes to tailoring how you use each asset.


It is one thing to acquire the asset and another to make the most of it.


The editing capabilities do matter and you are going to be impressed here. You can easily add text or filters depending on the look you are going for. It takes seconds to complete and there will never be a drop in quality.


This is ideal for those who want a ready-to-go solution that can be tweaked.


Cons of Church Edge


1. Large Upfront Payment
The one downfall of this company has to do with lifetime access.


It is useful as long as you are already in love with the graphics. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the lifetime payment but it is still a sizable investment up front.


You will have to think about diving headfirst and that is something to account for in greater detail. Do you have the budget to make such an all-encompassing investment?


These are questions that are going to come up and it is far different from other companies where there are monthly plans on offer.
Comparing Church Edge And Ministry Designs


Ministry Designs Church Media offers a unique set of graphics and, that's great for most churches.


However, it doesn't currently come with an editor, which is where Church Edge would stand out.


Church Edge keeps things simple and provides an all-in-one payment option even at a higher initial cost.


Final Verdict

Church Edge is the real deal when it comes to overall quality.


You are going to gain access to a selection of graphics that are in line with your requirements. These are visually appealing, easy to use, and unrestricted.


If you want something easy to use then this is the best option for your needs.


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