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Digital & online giving made easy

DigiGiv by Ministry Designs provides churches with powerful data, robust reporting systems, and interactive giving options that will skyrocket your church's giving. With industry-low transaction rates and world-class support, DigiGiv's powerful suite of tools is sure to not only increase giving and generosity but also save you time. 

Online Giving


Everything you need to grow your church giving

We know that selecting an online giving and digital donations company for your church is a big decision. We wanted to make that process simple by offering you the best processing price guaranteed and the most feature-packed solution available.

FREE Text to Give

Included with every DigiGiv account is 100% free text to give powered by our good friends at Text in Church. With DigiGiv text to give enabled, giving mobily has never been easier. Just send a text to your own personalized phone number and receive donations at the click of a button. Save your church an average of $10/mo by using Ministry Designs FREE text to give tools!

Text Giving Icon


Text Giving


We’ll provide you with your own SMS phone number so all donors have to do is enter the amount they want to give. This is a great tool for funding an immediate need, with a call-to-action from the pulpit.

Admin Dashboard Icon


Admin Management


For the people who still want to give with a giving envelope in church, we’ll help you process that gift in a simple and quick bulk transaction which can be managed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Chms Icon


ChMS Included


Donor migration, donor management, text message follow up, pledge management, and donor history are just the tip of the iceberg in our CRM and donor management solution.


Recurring Online Donations Icon


Recurring Donations


Your donors can set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring donation in just minutes. This gives those members who travel or attend inconsistently the ability to be faithful in their giving.

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Safe & Secure


We meet the strictest of PCI-DSS security level standards. That means that you can rest assured that your gifts will be processed safely and securely and donors will always be protected.


Processing Fees Icon


No Processing Fee


No Processing Fee? Here is how that works. We give organizations the option to do one of three things with the processing fee. Pass entire fee, ask the donor to cover it, cover the fee in the online giving platform

Pledge Management Icon


Pledge Management


With our pledge management tool, you’ll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. As you know, one of the best ways to create consistency in funding is a long-term commitment for donors.

Mass Communication Icon


Vault Transfer


Never worry about losing recurring donations when switching your online giving solution to DigiGiv by Ministry Designs. Our processing team will work to migrate all of your current data & committed gifts. 


Funds and Campaigns Icon


Manage Campaigns


Segmenting your giving and creating specific allocations for your funds has never been easier! With our campaign management tool, you’ll instantly know who is giving to what!



Admin Management

DigiGiv's admin dashboard allows you to view and manage all of your generosity funds and Church online giving in one place. View your year to date donations, averages, donor totals, new donors, giving channels, recent donations and more all in one location. DigiGiv is designed to make the user experience for an Admin as smooth as possible.

Digital Giving Dashboard


Ways to give

While having an online giving resource is vital for today's church world, so is having multiple giving options to choose from in order to make giving as convinient as possible. Luckily, DigiGiv comes with a variety or giving options for your church to choose from in order to diversify how you receive gifts.

Ways To Give - Church Website


Church Website


An online giving on your church site is most commonly used source of digital giving with DigiGiv you them your giving portal to match your website perfectly.

Ways To Give - Mobile


Mobile Device


People often prefer giving through a mobile device at church, on the road, or in the comfort of their own home. Our mobile first solution is perfect for easy access and quick gifts on your phone.

Ways To Give - Online Giving Portal


Online Giving Portal


If you don't have a website for your church, that's no problem because DigiGiv comes native with a built in giving portal that is sharable online with no site required.

Ways To Give - Recurring Giving


Recurring Giving


Recurring giving is the most powerful way for your church to experience explosive budget growth. DigiGiv's recurring contribution solution is the fastest way for donors consistently tithe.

Ways To Give - Church Admin

Church Administrator

Online giving through your church administrator is great for church members to not only give online, but they can also simply call your office and ask your authorized church staff member to process a gift.

Ways To Give - Text Messaging

Text Messaging

Text 2 Give is a powerful digital contribution alternative for a generation people that love sending and receiving text messages. Our solution is fast, secure and ready to help you increase your budget.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing

2.5% + $0.30 Per Transaction

ACH Pricing 1% + $0.30 per gift


Frequently asked questions about online giving

We know that selecting an online giving and digital donations company for your church is a big decision. We wanted to make that process simple by offering you the best processing price guaranteed and the most feature-packed solution available.

How much does DigiGiv cost?

We like to keep things simple. Processing for credit and debit cards are 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction. Our ACH transfers fee is just 1% + $0.30 . There are NO monthly, annual, or set up fees!

Is DigiGiv secure?

Is there a contract?

Is text to give included?

Does DigiGiv store credit card numbers?

How is DigiGiv different?

DigiGiv has no monthly or annual fees, plus we have an industry low introductory processing rate without having to apply volume discounts. Besides having the best pricing in the industry, we've been serving churches for over a decade and understand what it takes to help you succeed. 

Can nonprofits use your platform?
Can I issue tax statements to a donor?
Do you offer a church or online giving app?
Can we manage cash and check donations with DigiGiv?