More Revenue, Less Hassles

Up to 50% customer lifetime commissions

Ministry Designs products have an incredible resell track record with over $1,000,000 paid in partner commissions. Our suite of products are amongst the world’s most powerful, effective, and easy-to-use tools in the industry. Our award-winning block edit technology empowers our user to build amazing and unique websites in just minutes.

Partnering with Ministry Designs is perfect for...


Market Influencers


Do you have an audience of engaged churches or church leaders who could benefit from a more effective church website? If so, we'd love to connect and learn more about your organization.




Course & Curriculum Creators


Is training your thing? We work with market educators to create strategic plans to help incorporate Ministry Designs into your curriculums and training, allowing you to seamlessly onboard new customers.


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Software Providers


Do you currently offer software in the church space and think that Ministry Designs' products can add value to your current customer relationships? If so we'd love to support your company goals.




Industry Freelancers


Do you work with churches to help them with their website designs but struggle with the ongoing support and management after the project is complete? We'd love to handle that for you!





Are you looking for consistent and reliable recurring revenue? With our partnership program, you all have access to a suite of recurring revenue resources that churches love and trust that you can add to your tool belt.



Resource Websites

& More


If you serve the church in any capacity and are looking for new and simple ways to create additional revenue for your company, we'd love to hear from you and want to support your efforts.

Partner Programs

When reselling and integrating with Ministry Designs, you can be confident that you're providing your customers and audience with the best possible solution. Ministry Designs currently services over 30,000 active churches across all of our various products and services. With over 10 years of consistent growth year over year, Ministry Designs is the proud recipient of many awards, including the "Best Church Website Builder," according to Worship Leader Magazine.




Reselling Ministry Designs products is easy. Simply create your account, generate your unique identifier and start promoting. You can have an active reseller account up and running in as little as 10 Minutes.





Our dedicated development team and API documentation make your team's integrations with Ministry Designs effortless. MVP deployment can happen almost instantly for qualifying partners.


What are people saying?

"We love working with other organizations that serve pastors and churches. We started partnering with Ministry Designs a couple of years ago and they quickly became one of our top partnerships. Their team is fantastic and their software solutions are a game-changer for churches. So we wanted to introduce them to our community of customers. Now our solutions sync with their solutions in a way that truly serves the church well. The business side of the affiliate/partnership relationship has been a huge help to Church Marketing University, but the ministry impact is why we want to keep partnering! "

Ryan Wakefield, Church Marketing University

"As a veteran using affiliate strategies for over 20 years, I've learned that you need to carefully choose which affiliate programs you work with to help them with traffic, leads, and conversions.  Ministry Designs has been a great and profitable partner to work within this way. Some key benefits that have stood out are: (A) the strength of the offer (B) the lengths to which their customer service team will go to help provide pre-sales support and in the end convert an affiliate lead (C) their willingness to provide quality content that I can use in my affiliate marketing campaigns and (D) at the core, a mission-minded team that is focused on providing real impact. A great program to consider if you are planning for real results and impact."

Kenny Jahng, Church Communications


Perfectly Optimized for Mobile

Ensuring your church's website looks amazing on a mobile phone is so important in today's age. The reality is that most people who view your website will do so from a mobile phone. So it is important to have a mobile optimized website, as well as a website builder that easily optimizes your site for all devices. Omega is automatically responsive, meaning your site will automatically fit any device's screen and look great.