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Omega is the world’s most powerful, effective, and easy-to-use church website builder. Our award-winning block edit technology empowers you to create an amazing and unique website in just minutes.

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Here at Ministry Designs our goal is simple, to provide the absolute best church website tools on the market and help your ministry reach more people for the Kingdom.


We know that people are tired of jumping through corporate hoops and having to worry about paying someone to code their website for them. That's why we set out to make building a church website easier than ever.

Church websites, FAST

Our simple, and effective process.


1. Pick a Kit

Ministry Designs has multiple different pre-optimized designs for you to choose from as a starting point! Simply pick what design kit fits your church best, provide some brand information, and you're good to go!


Websites built to REACH more people

Rank your Church Website

Get found online

There are 460,000 Google searches a month for the term "Church near me". That means there are people in your area looking for a church to attend, and it is imperative that you get their attention! Ministry Designs' website builder is lighting fast, easy to use, and comes with pre-optimized page designs and layouts.




Building a website can be a big task, so let us do the heavy lifting for you! Our team of designers will migrate up to 35 pages of content from your old website to your new one! Get your new site up and running faster than ever.


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With Omega, you’ll have access to our cloud-based marketplace, where you can download hundreds of professionally designed pages and blocks instantly. Our ever-growing library ensures pixel-perfect designs for every situation. 


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Omega’s industry revolutionizing block edit technology is so powerful it will transform your website management from a mundane task into an exciting, life-giving experience that you look forward to performing.


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Ministry Designs has been around for years and has collected data from thousands of customers. This data has allowed us to create pre-populated designs that are optimized to attract people to your church.


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Events and special services are a big deal for the church. With Omega Engage you’ll get access to freshly designed fully optimized event-based landing pages for every major event uploaded directly to your dashboard.

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Omega was created with not only people in mind but also search engines. Our built-in SEO tools empower you to rank your website on the first page of Google with just a click of a couple of buttons. 


Pick your Design Kit

Start with a beautiful and optimized design kit

Kit 1 - The Classic Look

The original Omega design. Elegant, clean, and extremely effective for thousands of churches!

Kit 2 - Clean & Flowing

This design flows from one section to the next wtih broad images and flowing transitions.

Kit 3 - Modern & Minimalist

This design is beautiful in it's simplicity, following the minimalist trend in some church websites.

Kit 4 - Bold & Blocky

This design is bold and striking with large imagery. Great for a church with good photography.

Kit 5 - Modular Design

Following recent design trends, this modular design is an efficient way to display your content!

Kit 6 - Visually Engaging

Big images and bright videos. If your church has a strong media presence this is the kit for you.

Kit 7 - Built to Convert

With a clean design and very intentional structure, this kit is guarenteed to convert to visits.

Kit 8 - Flashy & Unique

This design epitomizes a fun and energetic church, and lets face it, it just looks so cool.

Kit 9 - Classic Made New

This design just carries a classic feel, but at the same time has modern design elements.

Omega Plus

Can't Decide?

Get them all with Omega Plus!

Omega Plus and PRO comes included with our entire design library of kits and event based landing pages. Find a page for every church need, holiday or event in seconds! Want to update your website with a fresh new look? Just download a new design kit! 

Omega Plus

Church Website Builder in Action

Get a glimpse of the new way of editing church websites

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Designing your church website is now easier than ever with our new Cloud Based technology. Simply click to view our massive library of blocks and pages and find a layout that you want to use. With Omega you can completely change the look and design of your website within seconds.


Flexible Web Building Icon




Inside of the blocks, you have endless customization and personalization to meet even the most specific branding guidelines. You have the option to customize every single element inside of the Omega design, thus providing you with an unlimited amount of design and customization options.


Intuitive Workflow Icon




Between preexisting blocks & the ever-growing predesigned block library and simplicity of deploying them you’ll have a gorgeous and effective church website site that you’ll create in mintues. Omega is sure to provide you with an optimized, attractive site that will help you reach more people!


Pick Your Plan

Take a quick look at Omega packages, or click below for a full feature comparison!



20 Page Migration

Full Website Builder

FREE Online Giving

Design Kits

Landing Pages



Full Website Builder

FREE Online Giving

Design Kits

Landing Pages


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