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Better graphics. Better series. More visitors.

The solution pastors, communicators & church marketers have been looking for. SEED provides churches with professional sermon series graphics and marketing materials. Simplify your mid-weeek and Sunday planning with SEED.

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Sermon Illustrations & Graphics


Are you a Pastor, but don't have a designer or design skills? Or maybe you're on the communications team but can't get the info you need to create the assets.

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Sermon Marketing



Don't have the time, skills or personnel to create visually appealing marketing and communication material for your upcoming sermon series? Don't worry, you're not alone.

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Sermon Series



Planning a sermon series can be a super stressful task, especially if you do not have access to the right people to manage your series design. That is where SEED comes in!


What is SEED?

The solution pastors, communicators & church marketers have been looking for.

SEED is the world’s number one sermon series resource offering art, assets and communications designed to help you reach more people and save you time! Find out more by watching the video.


Why do I need SEED?

SEED is the answer to your message delivery stresses. Preparing a sermon series is hard enough without having to worry about all the accompanying media that comes with it. With SEED we took that stress out of your hands and provided the solution to your message delivery needs. Now you can focus on the message itself; let us work on building excitement and engagement for that message!

Series Graphics Graphics

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Deliver more impactful sermons

Sermon preparation is arguably one of the most time- consuming, but also meaningful, things pastors do on a weekly basis. With SEED, Ministry Designs help create the foundation for life-changing sermons.

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Grow your Sunday attendance


Landing pages built to invite people to Sunday service, themed social media content, series intro videos and much more all come designed to help you grow your attendance. Proven time and time again to make a difference.

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Save time



We've done the math. SEED will save 800+ hours a year in planning, asset creation, meetings, collaboration, team communication, revisions, team re-communication, quality assurance and implementation.

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Save money



Graphic designers, digital marketing strategists, communication planning meetings with staff - these all cost money, and a lot of it! With SEED, you can save over $40,000 a year by already having done that work FOR you.

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Streamlining your team meetings

Planning meetings can be time consuming and stressful. Who's doing what and how things will be paid? SEED is the answer to all those questions and even more. We took all of the stress of Sunday morning planning - and simplified it, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

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Reach more people

Included in SEED are predesigned social media graphics that will allow you to post, share, like, and ultimately reach more people. Those graphics, in conjuction with your sermon series landing page, will empower you to reach more people!


See what's included with your SEED subscription

With the combination of our vast library of sermon series media along with the opportunity for customization, the possibilities of your Sunday morning media is limitless.

Sermon Illustration Examples

Simplify your Sunday and grow with SEED

Simplify your Sunday morning planning and see church growth with SEED. Sign up to radically improve your church media today!

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The Kingdom Sermon Graphic
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