Church Media Drop Review

20,000 Free Church Media Assets

An Overview Of Church Media Drop


If you are looking for a great resource for Christian media, there are few websites that can compare to Church Media Drop. It is a website where you can access church media and submit your media to share with other churches. 


Worship Media Included


It is a comprehensive website designed to be easy to use, yet at the same time will give you access to thousands of unique items. In addition, there is a massive quantity of exceptional Christian material that many others have shared that you can use, from audio music to bumper videos, worship media, worship backgrounds, motion graphics even countdowns, and games. Here is an overview of Church Media Drop, what they have to offer, and how their website surpasses all similar websites on the web.


An Introduction To This Website


When you arrive at the website, you will see an easy-to-navigate platform. It is divided up into several different areas. First of all, you can use the drop-down menu at the top to access free media, tutorials, and also access their blog. There is also an area for podcasts. If you have any media that you would like to share, you can simply click the submit media link, sign up for an account, and begin to share. Below, you will find a search function, a category system for browsing, as well as a pictorial representation of the media that is currently there.

An Overview Of The Media


The most comprehensive portion of this website is the free media section. On the drop-down, you will see many different choices. This will include audio music, Worship Backgrounds, other worship media, motion graphics, bumper videos, countdowns, games, logos, graphics, mini movies, motion backgrounds, still images, and what they call the series package. In particular, the series package offers multiple components, including graphics, social media graphics, a Photoshop file, all of which can be downloaded within seconds. These images can be used by your church for conveying teachings that you would like to present at your church on those topics. 

In all categories, you will find that this content is free to download in all areas. They also provide tutorials, all of which can be accessed at no cost, to help you create and use this media.


An Overview Of Their Tutorials


If you are interested in producing your own graphics, they have a series of tutorials that are available. These are broken down into categories, including design, production, and their ProPresenter series, which shows you how to use the software ProPresenter like an expert. Essentially, you are being provided with graphics you can use and tutorials on how to use the graphics provided, to help you with your own presentations.


An Overview Of Their Blog And Podcasts


The blog itself is a series of links that will lead you to a wide variety of information related to graphics and streaming options focus around Filo 2021. The podcasts are divided up into many different segments which will include audio podcasts that are from Church Media Drop itself. There are links back to the main Church Media Drop website and James Watson's Deviant Monk.


Submitting Your Media To This Site


This is perhaps the best aspect of this website. It is a way of sharing your content with other churches. Although sharing is good, it also provide you with a way of connecting with other churches. By giving things away, and using things that people are sharing, you can begin to branch out in many directions. Interconnectivity within the Christian church is so important. It's good to have these contacts with other people. What better way to do this than to share media that you have personally made with others and to form what could be lifelong connections. Simply set up your account and begin to share content with many others.


How Does This Compare To Other Websites?


Other websites also share content with a multitude of other churches. One of those is Ministry Designs. On this website, you can find their latest posts, and you can also access graphics and media that are designed for Christian ministries. In fact, Church Media Drop is also listed on their website, along with many other churches that are doing the same. The difference between this website and Church Media Drop is that they are focused on both sharing media and showing people how to use this media and software that will allow them to make their own.


If you have been searching for an excellent resource for worship media, this website should be your go-to resource. It is an expensive website designed to be easy to use, allowing you to share your content. Best of all, you will be able to connect with many other churches that are like-minded, and also take advantage of their useful media as well. To find out more about Church Media Drop, visit their website today. 


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