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Church Motion Graphics Review

Church Motion Graphics

20,000 Free Church Media Assets

When it comes to church media, it's essential to find a resource that is in tune with contemporary standards of excellence.


Church Motion Graphics aims to deliver in this regard and is marketed as a premium church media resource. 


Here is a look at some of the key details to think about when considering Church Motion Graphics. 



* Standard - $199 Per Year (Worship Backgrounds, Motion Titles, Countdown Timers, Monthly Packs)

* Plus - $279 Per Year (Worship Backgrounds, Standard Features, Sermon Slide Templates, Announcement Slide Templates) 

* Premium - $379 Per Year (Worship Backgrounds, Standard Features, Plus Features, Extra Packs, Social Graphics)



Pros of Church Motion Graphics



1. Quality Graphics


It starts with the worship backgrounds that are available through the company.


You will gain access to a collection that is diverse, easy to choose from, and works in tune with what a customer would require. Having the ability to go through all of these graphics is empowering.


If you take the time to go with the premium plan, you will have an unlimited set of options to choose from.


This is ideal for those particular about the graphics and church media they use whether it has to do with social graphics or other templates. 


Take the time to look at all of these graphics because they are going to work in unison with what you want. This quality is seen across the board regardless of what you use.



2. Large Selection of Media Content & Worship Backgrounds 


One of the most important factors to account for is the collection and its size.


The goal is to find the right balance between quality and quantity. Church Motion Graphics is a company that does offer a bit of both making it a good option for those who are selective with their visuals.


You won't want to settle for the same graphics all the time and you won't have to here. The options are endless and ideal for those looking to find a particular visual that is going to gel with the rest of their Sunday morning setup.


Take advantage of this collection and know you have access to a resource that is versatile.


3. Affordable


The plans that are available through this company are some of the better ones found on the market right now. Each plan is versatile, cost-efficient, and good for those who want to find a great deal.


While certain elements are not made available in the lower plans, all of these plans remain affordable.


You are getting a real bang for your buck when it comes to the digital assets available through this collection. You will enjoy how budget-friendly it is and this will immediately become an ideal addition to your setup.  
If you want something affordable, this is a good company to look into due to its competitively priced plans.
4. Constant Updates


A lot of customers tend to worry about not receiving updates to the collection as often as necessary. This can lead to diminishing returns as more and more of the graphics are put to the test.


This is why you are going to want a seamless solution that is continuously updated.

This is something you are going to get here. The constant updates will ensure the collection stays fresh and appealing once put to the test. Take advantage of these graphics and pick the ones that work well for your situation. 


5. Easy To Use 


Usability is just as important as any other phase in the process.


You will want to choose something that works well and is going to be easy to pick out. With this company, you are not only going to get a good collection of visuals but also a comprehensive editor. 


This editor makes it easier to customize each aspect of the graphics to make sure they are tailored to your setup. Having the ability to do this is empowering and will work well when you are on the go ready to find high-quality media.  


With a user-friendly interface, this is a system that gets the job done.


6. Versatile


Versatility does matter when it comes to colors, fonts, and overall quality.


You are going to want something that does well in a wide array of situations and doesn't look out of order as soon as it is put to use.


The graphics that are found here are going to be a seamless fit and that is what makes them engaging. They work well in all types of situations and are not going to let you down when you need them the most. 


Cons about Church Motion Graphics


1. Restricted Access In Lower Plans


The only issue with this company has to do with the reduced lower plans.

Most of the emphasis is on the premium plan as that is where all of the graphics are available. Otherwise, you don't have the option to tailor your plan based on what you are going to need.


For example, a customer that only wants social graphics is not going to have the opportunity to get them through the lower plans. You will have to go with the premium plan and that might be a sizable cost if that is all you are going to be using.


Final Verdict on Church Motion Graphics  


Church Motion Graphics is a company that gets the job done and delivers real value every step of the way.


You are going to gain access to a premium service provider that continues to add to its collection. This is ideal for those who are looking for specific visuals and want to ensure it is in line with their vision moving forward.


Whether it is sermon slide templates, motion titles, or social graphics, worship backgrounds everything is in tune with what the average user would want.


It is this flexibility and quality that allow for this company to stand out as a go-to option.


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