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20,000 Free Church Media Assets

Most church leaders, if not all, can agree that one of the biggest challenges they encounter is connecting effectively with their flock. Contrary to what one may think, communication is not as simple as preaching sermons in front of an audience. It is about making them understand and apply a message of hope, forgiveness, love, and many others.


That said, how can you ensure that your congregation understands and applies the message in their daily lives? — Having the proper media tools. Media, like pictures, are worth a thousand words. 


Unfortunately, pastors rarely have enough time to produce the correct media for their sermons between operating a ministry, arranging services, and guiding volunteers. What to do? — How about CreationSwap?


What Is CreationSwap?


CreationSwap is an online platform that features a simple, attractive interface that gives users access to a large library of church-related Worship Backgrounds, graphics, videos, photographs, and presentations. They specialize in providing churches with professional, user-friendly material that helps preachers deliver their messages more effectively. Thousands of churches throughout the world have already benefited from CreationSwapexpert's resources. 


CreationSwap was co-founded by Dave, Matt, Dan, Rick, and the CreationSwap® team. Together, they have a vision of innovating and bringing more valuable resources to the church. The company's headquarters are located in 549, Bend, Oregon, 97709, United States. Sound interesting to you? Continue reading for a comprehensive review of the services and products offered by CreationSwap. 


Free worship backgrounds for customers —  www.creationswap.com 

CreationSwap has been said to be the perfect resource for any church that wants to make an impact in their congregations' lives. How so? It offers tons of free content to use in its standard service. To gain access to this content, all you need to do is sign up freely and be part of the community. This way, you can access numerous Christian art from Christian artists from all over the world. Some of these include:


  • Worship Backgrounds
  • Photos
  • Mini-Movies
  • Loops
  • Motion Titles
  • Countdown Timers
  • Print Ready Graphics
  • Sounds
  • Vectors
  • Logos 


Premium Service: Exceptional Content at Budget-Friendly Rates

To promote the work of contributing artists, CreationSwap also has content that is available at affordable prices. This content can be found at the premium gallery that requires a purchase or a subscription to access. Recently, they opened up their floodgates by availing the option of Total Unlimited Premium Subscription. 


This way, all users who pay the premium subscription fee, which is $199 yearly gain access to everything on the site, and by everything, they mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G (just to reiterate), including all files for sale. However, users also have the option of paying $19 per month, after which they can access 100 downloads as well as LiveSwap access for free. 


For those without a monthly or yearly subscription, CreationSwap has tons of affordable (royalty-free) files ranging from $1 to $20. The price of graphics, presentations, videos, and other prices of art are set by the artists.  With this in mind, we have to mention that the Total Unlimited Subscription is a splendid deal since you can gain access to all files for sale at no extra cost. 


Joining as an Artist on CreationSwap

Consumers get access to different creations that help them get their message across better. But what if you're interested in providing content for the Christian community?


CreationSwap offers a platform to network, freely share or sell your art, critique other artists' work, and basically just discuss with other like-minded artists.


Whether your creation is a presentation, audio content, film, movies, slide, artwork, logo, or any other, it's the opportunity you need to showcase your ability to the world. Note that content providers or content owners are solely accountable for their work on the websites. They are at liberty to set their own prices. They can either post their work as "Free Content" or sell them as "Paid Content". 


When it comes to earning, paid content providers typically earn 100% of their art's purchase price, minus a transaction fee of 6.65 percent + $0.40. Besides selling their artwork, they also gain part of the revenue earned from the premium service's subscription revenue and LiveSwap® users. To learn more, visit their Terms and Conditions on their website. 

How Can You Benefit From CreationSwap?


The CreationSwap Value Proposition


One of the most important core aspects of a successful church communication strategy is church graphics. If you think about it, visuals are a critical part of the Christian community. In fact, we dare say that the church demands more graphics than any other industry on the earth. As such, how will CreativeSwap help?


• Effective communication has a transformative effect - Knowledge of the facts and stories of the Bible is not enough. The scripture is meant to guide people to proper Christian living. With the right graphics, a preacher can achieve this.


• Growth of the congregation - All ministries yearn to grow to send their message to larger masses. Because visual aids are more attention-grabbing and engaging, you'll naturally find the congregation expanding. 


• Enjoyable church time - The use of visual communication like videos, graphics, photos, and others aids in the comprehension of information by the audience. Besides this, it reduces monotony which makes church time a fun time. 


• As an artist, it provides an opportunity. Would you like to send your message across? Share your talent with the world? Then CreativeSwap is for you!


Growing Churches With Professional Church Media - CreativeSwap

While faith and dedication are necessary to grow a church, a strategic approach to presentation and communication is even more vital. Unfortunately, many churches struggle with design and media. 


Worship Backgrounds - Full List & Comprehensive Guide


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