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20,000 Free Church Media Assets

Original content is difficult to find, and it's important to find a selection of options that are refined, copyright-free, and in line with contemporary standards.


Igniter Media offers a comprehensive selection of media types with over 250,000 digital assets. It's designed to be an all-encompassing solution for those wanting cutting-edge graphics.


This review will take a look at what the company has to offer and how it works.


Media Types


  • Title Graphics
  • Mini Movies
  • Lyric Media
  • Ultra Wides
  • Print Ready
  • Sermon Bumpers
  • Worship Backgrounds
  • Motion Backgrounds
  • Social Graphics
  • Countdowns




  • One Media Type - $19.99 Per Month
  • Essentials (3 Media Types) - $39.99 Per Month
  • Premium (Unlimited) - $59.99 Per Month


Pros of Igniter Media


1. Large Selection of Digital Assets


It starts with the 250,000+ graphics and digital assets available through this company.


Most collections are not this extensive, and this can restrict the options available to you. For those who are picky and want as many choices to choose from as possible then it is best to start here.


The large selection of digital assets makes it easier to optimize your strategy. You can pick and choose what works best for your message and that does go a long way in getting value from the plan. Due to the different media types, you will find what you are on the hunt for.


2. Refined


If you take a peek at the graphics available through this company, there are several options to choose from, and each one is engaging.


This is due to how refined the content is.


Everything about these graphics is built with contemporary visuals in mind. This includes the colors, patterns, and everything in between. Whether it is time to go with a mini-movie or a title graphic, you are not going to be let down here.


Everything is refined, and that is just as important as having loads of options to choose from. You will be impressed as soon as you take a look.


3. Constant Updates


The one thing you are not going to have to worry about with this company is lethargy. The team is constantly updating and adding to its selection making it easier to rely on high-quality graphics.


You will know the selection is not going to run dry as soon as you sign up. You can run this for years and feel good about what you have access to through this company.


For the average setup, these constant updates add value to the experience and ensure this is the only church media resource you need. 
4. All Types Of Media


The beauty of going through these assets has to do with how many different media types are readily available through the platform.


This includes title graphics, mini-movies, countdowns, and even social graphics.


Everything is taken care of in one spot and it is engaging at the same time. This is ideal for those who want to be particular about what is being used online.


Take the time to pick and choose from these options and know they can be tailored to your needs.


Cons of Igniter Media


1. Upfront Cost


There is going to be an upfront cost that has to be accounted for when it comes to your choices.


This is an option that is going to come with preset plans that you can choose from. Each one is well-priced and you will not have to worry about getting a bad deal. However, it is still important to choose right away, and sometimes that is not easy.


If you are ready to look for high-grade graphics, worship media, videos, and more then, this is the place to be. If you want to test everything out then this might not be a good starting point.


It comes down to what you are on the lookout for.


2. No Free Assets


The one thing you are not going to find here will be free assets.


This is common with other church media options but this is not one of them. The reason has to do with the already reduced pricing that you are getting with the company, as it is one of the more competitively priced options on the market right now.


Due to the lower pricing, you can feel confident in getting a great deal based on what you require at the time.


Look through the plans and know you are going to get a deal that is hard to find anywhere else on the open market.


Final Verdict


When it comes to finding a church media resource that is the real deal, this is right up there with the best in the industry.


The selection is immersive, engaging, and perfect for your requirements. Take the time to find the right plan for your needs and begin choosing between high-quality visuals that will appeal to you immediately.


Most customers will want something that is refined, unique, and in tune with modern needs. If that is the position you are taking then there is nothing wrong with this company. You are going to get your money's worth due to how large the collection is.


With the regular updates, great pricing, and attention to detail, you are going to end up with a solution that gets the job done.


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