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Church Website Review
Bronx Church

Bronx Church Website Design - Review

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The Bronx Church Website Tech Stack



Church Website Builder


The Bronx Church Website is Built on the Omage Church Website Builder 


Church Website Design


The Bronx Church Website Design was done by Ministry Designs. 


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 What Church Website Template was used?


The Bronx Church used kit 1 of the Omega Church Website Templates



Review of the website:


The function of a website is to create an online presence for an organization. The NEW LIFE REHOBOTH CHURCH uses bronxchurch.org as its primary web property to establish an online presence. In this article, we'll delve into the website, exploring the different aspects of the site to identify what the website is doing well.


User Experience


#1. Stella Functionality And Navigation


The website has excellent functionality and navigation. The logo and menu buttons work well and direct site users to the designed pages. Additionally, social media icons work and will take you to the NEW LIFE REHOBOTH CHURCH social pages. All external links are set, and the site has a 404 redirect page. 


#2. Cross-Device And Cross Browser Compatible


The website works well across different devices, browsers, and browser versions. We've tested the site using Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers on iOS and Android OS devices. The website renders all the elements well and without glaring errors. We've also repeated the test on computer-based browsers, and the site renders its different pages as expected.


#3. Responsiveness 


The website is responsive. It renders just as well on small-screen devices such as smartphones as on large laptops and desktop computers. The inherent responsiveness of the website ensures comfortable use of the website using a wide variety of devices.


Website Design


#1. Excellent Site Layout And Structure 


The website uses elements of symmetrical and asymmetrical layouts to organize content across the different pages. Such layouts and structures make it easy for users to consume site content and interact with it intuitively. Its logical progression structure enhances user experience as every piece of content is placed where you'd expect it t be.


#2. Color Pallet


The website's color palette makes for easy reading while being easy on the eyes. It does not strain the eyes. The pages have an excellent contrast between the background and foreground, which enhances the accessibility of the website by persons with disability.




#1. Niche-Related Copy And Content


Being a church-oriented website, it has content geared towards Christians' spiritual nourishment and the church. For instance, the "Beliefs" page under the "About-Us" section (https://bronxchurch.org/about-us/beliefs/) underlines what the church believes in, including Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, The Bible, The Church, The Reconciliation, and The Separation. Using relevant content helps the site establish Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT), which is an important search ranking factor.


#2. The Content Does Not Have Grammatical Errors


The different web copies are devoid of any grammatical errors. This indicates that the site is professionally made with care and attention to detail.


#3. Ever-Green Content Is Up-To-Date


The ever-green content of the website is up-to-date. On the other hand, new content is frequently added and updated as needed. For instance, the "Events" page adds all the latest and upcoming events the church will hold.


#4. Easy Read Content 


The website's typography makes it easy for users to read content and navigate it. Notably, the site is easy to read across different devices (computers and smartphones), operating systems, and browsers.


#5. Use Of Optimized Multimedia Content


The website uses a healthy dose of images and also embeds YouTube videos. Importantly, the use of multimedia content is done in such a way as not to negatively impact the performance of the website speed. For instance, the images and iframe implementing YouTube embed are set to lazy load, improving the site's speed performance.


Search Optimization


#1. The Website Has Implemented The Fundamental SEO Gold Standards 


Many of the elements designed to improve user experience also contribute immensely to the SEO performance of the website. As discussed above, this website has been optimized to render the best user experience possible. Some of the fundamental SEO success factors the website has used include:


-    An optimized website structure, 
-    Highly effective navigational features, including an optimized menu and internal links, 
-    Use of FAQ Section targeting the "People Also Ask" section of the search engine results pages,
-    Using a .org domain to indicate the nature of the website's owner – an organization, 
-    The site has a responsive website design, and much more.

The site takes care of the fundamentals of SEO as a foundation of local search optimization, making it easier to be found on Google and for website traffic to use the website.


#2. Local SEO Optimized


-    Delivers localized content – The website's content is geared toward the target audience – Christians in the Bronx Boroughs and neighboring Boroughs. 

-    NAP Optimized – As part of the Local SEO strategy, the website is NAP-optimized. NAP (which denotes the Name, Address, and Phone number of an organization) is an essential element of local SEO, as Google uses this information to display to search users. The inclusion of the Name (New Life Rehoboth Church), Address (1375 Mace Ave, The Bronx, NY, 10469 and Church at Home), and Phone Number (917-383-8076) at the footer of the website allows Google to place the church in the right location while providing search traffic the correct phone number.


#3. Image SEO 


Rather than using generic or stock images, the website has relevant photos that beautify the website and add relevant context regarding the church, its leadership, its events, and much more. For instance, the website has images of the church leadership on the "About Us – Pastors & Team" page (https://bronxchurch.org/about-us/#team). With a few clicks of the buttons, website users know precisely who the pastor and the church leadership are.


#4. The Website Is Linked To The Organization's Social Media Channels 


At the footer of the website, the website has social media buttons linked to the various social platform the church posts its content. While having a presence on social platforms is not a ranking factor, it bodes well for the overall traffic the organization receives. 


Final Thoughts 


The website bronxchurch.org has done a lot to meet site users' needs and implement the gold standards of search optimization. While improvements are to be made, including speed optimization, the website is set on a solid footing.

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