How Much Do You Tithe at Church?

How Much Do You Tithe at Church?

A tithe is a tenth of your income and is usually paid to the church. Tithes were used to help support widows and orphans, fund Levite works in the temple (priests), and finance certain other religious activities such as public feasts (2 Chron 31:5). Tithes were basically like taxes that everyone automatically paid. The tithe wasn't considered an offering or donation, and it was considered the Lord's due because he owned everything you earned (Lev 27:30; Neh 13:10; Mal 3:10). The tithe was meant for the Levites since they had no land inheritance (Num 18:21-24; Neh 10:37-39).


Tithing is giving ten percent of your income to God. The church is the most common place for tithing, but some people even tithe in different ways. A lot of times, people give certain percentages or amounts they feel led to tithe to other organizations. 


The amount you tithe depends on what you earn each week or your take-home pay after deducting taxes from every check. That money the person has left after taxes are deducted would determine how much they should tithe weekly, monthly, or annually at church if that was their place of worship. The average amount that people seem to tithe is between 3-4%.


It is best to calculate your tithe by using the Bible as a standard, the amount you feel led by God to give. Tithes can be anywhere from $0-$100 or more if you feel like you should do it. It is not set in stone what amount someone should tithe at church because it depends on how much they make per year, their expenses, and whatever else they want to include into that calculation, which would determine their tithe. Tithe money goes towards helping people, especially those who are sick or hurting, electricity bills, water bills, food bills, house rent, school tuition, and more. Some churches invest the tithe money into things like a new building or some other thing they might need. Tithing is essential as it keeps the church running and gives back to those in need, including everyone one way or another. It builds God's kingdom upon the earth, helps people in any way possible, and allows your faith to grow when you see everything working out for you through your tithes and offerings, even if it is small amounts every week or month throughout the year. A tithe is a part of Christianity; not everyone does it because many denominations do not require it in their doctrine. In others, they take up offerings, support missionary work, and outreach programs. Tithing is giving back to God what belongs to him, and it is a part of your spiritual worship.


You can tithe any amount you want when it comes to your church. A tithe is a personal thing in the sense that everyone can give whatever they want in whatever amounts because it is between them and God. To tithe or not to tithe is based on what you are led to do by the Holy Spirit.

How Much Are We Supposed to Tithe?

Everyone will have a different amount that they feel led to give, whether it be 10% or based on how much money they make per year, their expenses, and whatever else is included in the calculation of what you should give back to God. Tithes are based on how much money people have left over after all their bills are paid.


Tithing also deals with how someone feels led by the Holy Spirit regarding donating money at church and any other way that a person may want to tithe. Tithes deals with faith-based things, and not everyone believes in tithing, even though most churches ask for it. It varies from person to person. They could give a percentage of what is left over after all their expenses are paid. Tithe money is given back to the church and helps fund missionary programs, outreach, food pantries, and other things that churches offer. Tithe or not to tithe is up to you; it's between you and God how much you want to give, but the Bible says we should be giving at least 10%.

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How to tithe correctly?

Tithing is a subject that can sometimes be confusing. Tithing means to give ten percent of your income back to God. Some people say that you should only tithe when you are in debt or struggling financially, but this is not the case. Tithing makes sense all of the time. When you tithe regularly (weekly, monthly, or annually), it shows God that you trust him with your finances and want to honor him with your money by giving a portion of what he has blessed you with back to his kingdom work.

When do I tithe?

Tithing is a lifestyle choice! You should tithe before paying bills and anything else that comes up in your life because even if something unexpected happens and takes away from your earnings, you can tithe that amount or more because God will always provide. Tithe to your local church, but find someone to give it to through global partners if you're not in a church. If you are unsure who to tithe to, do some research on charities near you and see which one's mission aligns with yours the closest.


How much should I Tithe?

How do I calculate my Tithe? Let's do some quick math, 10% is 1/10th, so if you make $4000 per month, that means that there is $3000 left after taxes. You would then take $3000 and divide that by 4 (how many months this money will last). That leaves around $750 for each month. Tithe $75 per month and trust God to provide the rest of what you need. Tithe 10% on your total check before taxes or any deductions, not after. If you would like, add up to ten percent of every individual bill that comes in and then tithe that amount monthly on whatever day works best for your schedule.

Why Tithe?

Proverbs 3:9-10 (NIV):

9. Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce;

10. Then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.

Tithing correctly is a sign of faithfulness to our Father in Heaven because we understand that everything we have comes from him anyway (Psalm 24:1). This is the reason that we tithe.

Whom should I Tithe to?

Church Tithing is not limited to any particular location or building. You can tithe online, through the mail, or by physically handing your check over during church services. If no church exists in your area, ask someone at a local church for help. Anyone would be willing and happy to assist! Tithe where it best fits into your life! You can also tithe online with one easy click. Tithe even when you don't belong to a church. Tithing when you aren't attending church will allow them to keep an accurate record of how much money they've received from you and be sure that you are getting all of the tithing benefits! Tithe to your local church or wherever you feel most comfortable.

What Percentage of Christians Tithe?

A study by World Magazine found that "The most generous [Christian] group is Evangelicals who attend church at least once a month, with an average donation of $1,948." That may not sound like much, but it's still pretty good when you compare the amount given with the number in attendance on any Sunday since many mainline churches have fewer than 200 attendees each week. And when you consider how divided churches are, how can you compare averages? What Do The Numbers Show?


What percentage gives at least 10% to churches and charitable organizations as a minimum requirement for being a Christian? In 2013, the average household income in America was not quite $52,000, and about half of those households made less than that each year.


The Census Bureau reports that there were 123 million households in America in 2011, and they showed that the majority (84%) donated money to a charity that year.


Of that household that donated to charity, it's interesting to note that a large percentage (41%) gave less than $200 each year to charitable organizations. It would indicate that they were giving as much as they could afford, given the money they earned from working or from investments and other sources during those years.


According to Barna, 32% of Christians tithe, while 77% believe giving is essential. These statistics are surprising because pastors tell their congregations how important it is to give 10%, and some even ask members to increase their giving. What makes the disparity between belief in tithing and actual practice so interesting is that there are no hard figures on what percentage of Christians Tithe.


All told, about 13 percent of adult churchgoers say they give at least 10 percent of their income to church each year--an estimated 8 million Americans.


While these numbers may NOT be exact, they help paint a good picture of how many American Christians fall into that range where only 3 out of 10 tithes while 9 out of 10 say they believe it is essential but do not Tithe. Apparently, not nearly enough to keep the churches in America open.

Why Tithe to the Local Church?

Tithes are for funding the spiritual work in your local church or around the world so you can get an eternal reward. Many Christians have never given a dime to God's house, even though they have attended for years. If you belong to a church, then it is good to give something monthly towards the upkeep of the ministry there. You should also be giving extra if possible. These are specifically mentioned in scripture as being for special uses that benefit not just one person but many people. Christians paid the Tithe in Temple times, and places like Jerusalem were sustained by Godly giving:


- Tithe is an act of worship which means you are worshipping God with what belongs justly to him (Malachi 3:7).


- Tithe is money that you pay to God even when you are in debt. A tithe is the worship of God, and it is a good thing to do (Genesis 14:20).

- Tithe belongs to our Father in heaven (Malachi 3:10). Even now, tithing is a way you can bring glory to God.


- Tithe is for the ministry that the Lord has appointed (1 Corinthians 9:13-14).


- Tithe belongs to faithful pastors and teachers who teach spiritual things (Hebrews 7:5)


Before giving to God, make sure you have first covered your own needs and family needs. Tithes are not a tax but a voluntary gift given freely by choice. Christians should pay Tithe on money made from selling something, whether a house, car or property. These were presented in Temple times, but now it applies to Christian churches, which are the temples of the Holy Spirit. A tithe is for serving God's purpose. These are also used to support missionaries, pastors, teachers, and other Christian workers (Romans 15:16).


Tithes go towards the upkeep of the church building, and it does not belong to any one church or denomination, but it goes into a larger pool that helps out churches worldwide, including your local church.


A tithe is usually 10% of what God has blessed you with back to his kingdom work. You can tithe anytime, anywhere, and anyway, that makes sense for your lifestyle. Tithes' waters will never stop flowing if correctly given back to God. So, let them flow! And remember, no matter how much money you have, God always provides more than enough. Just trust in him!

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